Friday, July 2, 2010

Today is Game Day! I'm very excited to finally be playing games again. The Wanderers are playing the Ragdolls tonight at 7 and 9. So I will post again with an update on how the games went.

Last night Hiro made us a Japanese dinner and I would like to say I used the chopsticks succesfully, but to say I just managed would be a better assesment. Even with my chopstick struggles it was a delicious dinner and he even gave us rice balls to go...I can't wait to eat mine because word on the street is they're really good.

After our delicious meal Nicky and I taught Hiro, Caro, and Clemens how to play Phase 10. It ended up being an extremely long game...2 hours to be exact. Caro won the game stealthily avoiding Hiro's comeback after he started off the game playing Phase 1 3 times before finishing 2nd.

I almost forgot to mention Nicky and I had a fun day of shopping around our neighborhood yesterday. We both ended up buying some super cool sunglasses!

Word/Phrase of the Day: Wo ist de Senf? = Where is the mustard? Nicky and I had a difficult time finding the mustard in the store so we learned how to ask where the mustard was.

Posting again after the games,


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