Friday, July 9, 2010

Joys of camp

I apologize for the delay in posting another blog.

Last Friday we beat the Ragdolls both games and on Sunday we split with the PeeWees. I am really enjoying being able to bat and play the field again. In the Austrian league a foreign pitcher can not pitch the first game so I play first base instead.

Part of the reason I was delayed in posting is because I was working a kids camp everyday from 9-3 this week, which was incredibly tiring. Camps are always tiring but when you don't speak the same language as the children it makes it even more difficult. I had a team of 8-10 year olds and we were the Cardinals. I really enjoy being able to teach the game and see how they improve. I think the best part of the week was showing 2 girls how to pitch, albeit with a baseball, after camp one day and then the next day they went off and were practicing on their own so we found some small softballs for them. Its amazing one of the girls was just 8 years old and had already been playing for 4 years on the baseball team. Today we got the 6 girls at the camp together and are going to form a softball team in Vienna so they can practice together once a week and we told them to bring some friends. It should be really fun helping coach them.

Word/Phrase of the Day: Entschuldigung= Sorry

Ps. I accepted a job offer working for a small engineering firm in Chicago and will be beginning that in September when I return.


  1. Very Good! From all of our family, thanks for the update.

  2. Congrats on the job offer, Boomer! Also, that's a long word for "sorry." Imagine those who speak English and have a hard time way they'll say sorry in German!