Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sand in the City

Heute ist donnerstag der ersten Juli, zweitausend zehn
(Today is thursday the first of July, 2010)

So this picture is from last night, we went to Sand in the City, an open air eating place where you can choose from many different vendors with all different cuisine types from mexican and american to greek and asian. You can also play sand volleyball there, but we didn't last night. The picture is of Nicky (my roomate), Hiro (one of the baseball players/coach), and I; we are wearing hats that they had just gotten at the store where they were buying supplies for the field.

On Monday we went to summerstage and watched the Brasil vs. Chile World Cup soccer game. Summerstage, similar to Sand in the City, was open air eating with many different restaurant choices except there were actual waiters at summerstage. Also, throughout the summer, or warmer months of April through September, various performers, speakers, and events are held at summerstage. During the intermission of the soccer game we went to jump on trampolines, which were super bouncy, but provided lots of entertainment in the 8 min that we had them.

Word/Phrase of the Day: Süsse = sweet. Either referring to the taste of something or saying someone is sweet as we would say cute.



p.s. I also have figured out how I can use my phone while I am here, so feel free to call me if you would like.

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