Monday, July 26, 2010

Junior Championships

So my internet stopped working for a few days and is still on the fritz but I am able to use it at the field. I have been at the field the all day, every day since Thursday setting up for the European Junior Girls Softball Championships. I never realized while I was playing how much work went into getting ready for a major tournament. Opening ceremonies were last night follolwed by the first game of the tournament between Austria and Slovakia and brought to a close with a terrific fireworks show. It was nice to see some fireworks since I was not in the States for the Fourth of July. Even though we are on a 2 week break for the Championships we still had a game Friday against the Great Britain junior team. It was nice to get on the field and finally feel good about how I played.

So more about the Junior Championships... there are 15 teams playing for a chance at the title. The skill levels vary greatly and are led by the Netherlands and Czech Republic. Unlike what I am used to here they play pool games which seeds them, but then they play for places. It is not as important at the junior level, but at the senior level you must finish in the top 7 to stay in the top division. It is different being in a place where there are more than 10 different languages being spoken.

I am getting ready to be the foul ball girl for the France v. Romania Game so that is all I have for now.

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