Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Days in Wien

Hi everyone!

So I have now been in Vienna nearly 2 days. This time my flight arrived early and all of my bags made it. This morning Nicky (my roommate) and I helped work a camp for Austrian boys and girls between ages 10 & 14. I've never had to work a camp with 360 campers before! So not only was I tired from having so many campers but it was exhausting trying to teach to them when neither of us knew the others language. I am picking up bits of German though, we have our teammates teach us words or one of my favorite things to do is to use Google Translator. Yesterday I learned the numbers 1-10 while playing beach volleyball as well as mine. And the translator helped us with mustard since we were having a hard time finding it in the store. I think one of my biggest accomplishments was getting to the checkout of the Austrian, even though most of the credit can be given to google translator, I did pick out the camera cord I needed by the picture. And if you didn't know I am 7 hours ahead of central time.

Will keep you updated,


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